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The Lime Glow Juniper is a captivating, low, and compact evergreen that boasts vibrant lime-green foliage, creating a striking contrast amidst other garden colors. Its feathery leaves not only delight the eyes but also offer a soft and gentle touch. Forming a tufted mound of fine stems, this juniper gracefully spreads wider, displaying a beautiful transition of colors from chartreuse green to yellow, orange, copper, and purple during winter.

Perfect as an edging plant for your garden beds or a charming addition among rocks and gravel in sunny spots, the Lime Glow Juniper grows to a modest height of about 6 inches while spreading approximately 2 feet wide. Thriving in full sun, this delightful juniper is a wonderful choice to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Lime Glow Juniper

SKU: 23wps1252
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