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Ariadne, a variety of Acer palmatum, is an ideal choice for smaller gardens that receive partial shade. To bring out its delicate hues, it is recommended to place this maple in an area that receives morning sunlight and shade during the late afternoon. In conditions with insufficient sunlight, the leaves primarily exhibit a light green color with prominent reticulation, represented by visible dark veins. As a relatively slow-growing maple, Ariadne typically reaches a height of 6 feet and a width of 4 feet over a span of 10 years.


During the spring season, the foliage emerges in a vibrant shade of pink, accentuated by dark veins, and gradually transitions into a captivating range of pastel colors. The leaves showcase enchanting hues of rose, pink, lavender, light yellow, and light green. As autumn approaches, the foliage undergoes another transformation, shifting to a striking hot pink before eventually turning crimson.

Japanese Maple, Ariadne

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