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Helene Von Stein is an extraordinary Lamb's Ear variety that stands out as a true giant among its counterparts, with leaves that grow to double the size of most others. Reaching an impressive height of 10-12 inches and spreading 12-18 inches wide, it commands attention in the garden. This variety is perfect for cottage-style gardens, whether planted en masse or as a delightful addition to containers. With its easy-to-grow nature, Helene Von Stein thrives even in the presence of deer and rabbits, making it a resilient choice for any landscape. It can handle full to partial sun exposure, adapting well to different lighting conditions. Embrace the larger-than-life foliage and the charming presence of Helene Von Stein in your garden, creating a visually striking and resilient focal point.

Giant Lamb's Ear

SKU: 23wps1430
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