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Experience the enchanting fragrance and beauty of Bloomerang® Purple lilac. This remarkable variety produces a profusion of wonderfully fragrant, purple blooms in abundance during the spring season. While it takes a break from blooming during the heat of summer, it doesn't disappoint. Once the temperature cools, this lilac resumes its flowering display, captivating the senses until the first frost. With a compact growth habit, it reaches a height and width of 4-5 feet, making it suitable for gardens of various sizes. Bloomerang® Purple lilac thrives under full to partial sun exposure, basking in the optimal sunlight. In addition to its alluring blooms, this lilac variety is also resistant to deer, ensuring its beauty remains untouched. Let the intoxicating scent and vibrant purple blooms of Bloomerang® Purple lilac fill your garden, creating a breathtaking and fragrant experience.

Bloomerang® Purple Lilac

PriceFrom $53.99
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